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Okay. Where should I start with the history of this comic? Because it's a pretty long one.

It most likely started in 5th grade, when I was 10-11 years old. And me, being a little girl, was in love with The Powerpuff Girls, Sailor Moon, and Card Captor Sakura (but dude - I could never catch it on TV because I slept late - it upset me greatly), and I wanted to make something like it. I've been making up characters since I had Beanie Babies and made magical-girl-ish stories around them. (I still have evidence of this - hahaha, I did make designs of outfits and wrote stories.)

Anyways - my intention of Alana, (who used to be named the following in this order: Akari, Kiaino, Natsuko) was to not be the weak, girly main character - but tomboy-ish and confident. And I wanted her to have a best friend who was the main love interest, Wesley (who used to be named the following in this order: ___ (I forget), Kouji), who was kind and sweet - the ideal guy for any girl. And the same plot was...sorta there. The enemy was a masked crazy lady, Masquerade (who used to be Kimen). But there was no Lollypop Organization and Tiara was actually a random minor enemy who was only shown in her child form. In fact my only intention was her to just be a little girl who was out to kill one of the characters. (Karl - who used to be Kashikoi.)

I was also inspired by my oekaki friends, who started to write stories of their's and posting them online. So I decided to write chapters to this story. Honestly, I don't know how many versions I did. It was more than 3, from what I remember. And I remember on this one LJ community, a friend of a friend gave me a super harsh critique. Now me, I was probably 12-14 years old, so I really didn't know how to handle critiques like that. I took it extremely harshly - and tried to do more research. Keep in mind that the original setting was in a made up town. (I don't think I named it though.)

Eventually in 2006, I gave up on writing it. Because I became incredibly unconfident in my writing skills and realized I could describe things way better in drawing form. At this point, I've been keeping up the first version of Glass Hearts. So I decided to revamp this series (which used to be known as: Pretty Staff Star Akari-chan (I think?), Project Elemental Master Kiaino) by relocating it into the United States and reworking the characters by changing their names into English ones as well as their personalities and interests and other important stuff like that. Also there is the addition of the Lollypop Organization and the plot we have now - which is Masquerade aiming to kill Alana and destroying her earrings which contain her long-time enemy/rival, Lilac.

The first version of the comic only lasted until a few pages into chapter 3 and I decided to redo it. I think this was around the time when a lot of shit was going on with Glass Hearts and a friendship falling apart - which I was just...I don't even know. It messed me up basically. I didn't know what I was doing. So I stopped P217! and GH, and took a hiatus to redo both comics and make a name change - as before this point I was known as Buttercup Samurai everywhere. And at this point, PPG wasn't on TV that much - and I wasn't as into it as I was before. So I changed my name to The Star Samurai and got new accounts of everything.

For my high school graduation project, I took upon the opportunity to make an actual comic book sampling my comics. So I made chapter 1 of both GH and P217! for this - and I came back on the web with them in the fall. I wasn't aware that it was a year since everything went on a low for me - but I still reconnected with that friend of mine and now things are good again between us. I was immature - but now I've grown from that experience. And my comics grew with me.

P217! is probably my favorite of all my comics - because with this new 2nd version, my main aim was to make a magical girl series that didn't have the most obvious typical characteristics of a magical girl series which include:

1) Magical girl costume.
2) Magical girl weapon (a stick/wand most of the time)
3) A mascot guide animal.
4) Magical power phrases. (Except I do have 'unlock' for the power-up, but that's it.)
5) A main character that has no fighting experience whatsoever (except Alana is the wild type).

And with the fact that most young people these days curse like there's no tomorrow, I made that a main characteristic of this comic, which is opposite of the sweet nature of other existing magical girls. Alana isn't sweet at all - she has a few moments, but for the most part - she's a piece of work. And also Tiara has a much larger role than she had in the past and more developed.

This comic isn't that perfect yet. But I'm trying to polish it as much as I can before I go forth after my 4 years of college and make a serious effort to publish this comic. (And Glass Hearts).